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Welcome to Radiology

Radiology Imaging Services at the University of New Mexico Hospitals Health System (UNMHHS) offers a range of imaging studies. We perform nearly 300,000 procedures/exams each year. The service is a team of dedicated Board Certified Radiologists (doctors trained to interpret), Radiology Residents (doctors learning to interpret), Certified and Licensed Imaging professionals, Registered Nurses, and administrative support staff.

How Radiology Helps to Ensure the 3 Core Missions:

Care:  We are dedicated to providing the best possible care to meet you and your treating providers imaging needs. We follow the “5 Pillar” model to keep out attention to all measures.

  • Patient/People
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Growth
  • Finance

Education:  We are training the professionals of tomorrow, as we have Radiology Residents (doctors getting advanced training on how to become certified Radiologists), medical students, variety of imaging profession students (future x-ray technologists, Nuclear Medicine, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound), and nursing residents (New Nurses undergoing advanced training). Your quality of care is ensured as our processes do include direct and indirect supervision of our students.

Research:  Our staff is on a daily basis involved in a wide array of research initiatives, ranging from improved processes to clinical trials. Many of our team is nationally published.

On behalf Radiology we thank you for visiting our services and allowing us to meet your imaging needs.

Gary Mlady, M.D.
Radiology Chairperson

Steven Eberhardt, M.D.
Radiology Medical Director

Joanna Fair, M.D.
Vice Chair, Education

Reed Selwyn, Ph.D., DABR
Vice Chair, Research

Charlene Montoya, MBA, RT(R)
Executive Director, Radiology

Gordon Weimer, MBA, RT(R)
Senior Executive Director, Professional and Support Services

Michael J. Chicarelli DNP, RN, CEN
Administrator-Professional and Support Services