Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Why do I have two bills?

A - You will receive a bill from UNM Hospitals and the UNM Medical Group.

Q - Why did I receive this bill?

A - There could be many reasons. The most common one is a co-pay or deductible due. This information is provided to us by your insurance company. You should also be receiving an explanation of benefits also known as an EOB from your insurance company.

Q - I do not understand why this bill indicates "previous balance."

A - If we are a contract provider with your health insurance; we only want to send a bill if a balance is due.

Q - I can't pay for this bill.

A - You may qualify for one of our financial assistance programs. We are here to help you based on your financial needs. Please contact 272-2521 to schedule a financial assistance appointment. We also have payment arrangements with no interest to you.

Q - I received a call from your office last night. I'm returning the call.

A - Our main office does not make outgoing calls. However, our extended office does. We will be glad to assist you with this follow up call or you can call the number that was provided to you.

Q - I didn't receive these services you are billing me for.

A - We will gladly research the account and billing records to assure charges are valid. If incorrect, we will correct and notify the appropriate billing parties.

Q - I need to find a primary provider who can I call?

A - If you have not established a doctor we can refer you to call Centralized Scheduling. They can be reached at 272-1623.

Q - Where or how can I make a payment?

A - Our office hours are from 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday. We are closed all major holidays and weekends.

Mail in Payments:

P. O. Box 848196, Dallas, TX 75284-8196
272-2521 to make a payment using your credit card or debit card.
1131 University Blvd NE, Suite D, Albuquerque, NM 87102 (Inbetween Carrie Tingley Hospital and UNM Hospitals Pharmacy)

Q - Would I qualify for financial assistance if I live outside of Bernalillo County?

A - A Patient Service Representative will interview you and determine if you qualify. However, if services are available in your home county it is unlikely that you will qualify for financial assistance. You can still receive services at UNM Hospitals but you will be responsible for the medical bills.

Q - If I am applying for financial assistance and am Native American, why do I need to provide a Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB)?

A - Certificate of Indian Blood is needed to ensure you are approved for the appropriate financial assistance program.

Q - Can I apply for Medicaid for my children at UNMH?

A - Yes, you can apply for Medicaid for the children with one of our representatives. However, the final determination is made by the Income Support Division through the Health and Human Services Department for the State of New Mexico.

Q - Can I apply for EMSA for myself or anyone who may qualify at UNMH?

A - Yes, we will assist you in submitting the application and tell you what you need to provide in order to complete the application. However, the final determination is made by the Income Support Division through the Health and Human Services Department for the State of New Mexico.

Q - How is my Co-pay determined for financial assistance?

A - Program eligibility is determined by a number of criteria. This criteria (based on Federal Poverty Guidelines) is based on income, assets, and residency. Co-pays are then determined based on this information provided.

Q - Can my children qualify for financial assistance?

A - Children (under age 18) may qualify if they do not meet program guidelines for Medicaid and the family meets the criteria set for financial assistance.

Q - Does financial assistance cover Dental or Vision?

A - Dental and Vision are not a covered benefit.