Before You Visit: Inpatient

Pre-Admission Coordination

To help you with your admission to the hospital, we will start your paperwork as soon as your provider informs us when you will be admitted. A representative from UNM Hospitals will call you at home to verify basic information. For example, the name of your employer, your home address and the type of insurance you may carry.

Talk to Your Physician

Before your admission or appointment, please discuss your estimated length of stay and possible lab work, tests and any other services with your physician. It's best to be aware of as many details as possible so that you can confirm with your insurance provider that all of your charges will be covered.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

Please contact your insurance to find out what services, tests and procedures your coverage and policy will cover. Verify your co-pay amounts as well as any co-insurance or deductible you may be responsible to pay as well.

Planning your Arrival

Please plan to arrive on time. This will allow time to park and walk or shuttle to your destination. It will also allow us adequate time to process your insurance and billing information correctly.

For clinic and outpatient visits, please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow for registration.

For inpatient procedures, please arrive by the specific time requested by our admitting staff or your physician's office.

What to Bring for Your Visit

To make your visit easier, remember to bring:

  • UNM Hospitals card, if you received one on a prior visit
  • Health insurance card.
  • Picture identification, such as a driver's license (not required but a good idea to bring).
  • Referral and/or authorization forms (if required by your insurance company).