Types of Bills

You will receive separate bills for the hospital and physician services. We know that keeping track of your medical bills during a time of an illness is an added challenge. We encourage you to track your medical bills and explanation of benefits.

Here are the types of bills with examples of charges:

Inpatient Hospital Bill

Your hospital bill will include all charges for your services provided by the hospital. The physicians will bill you separately.

Outpatient Bill

Patients seen in a clinic or outpatient setting may receive separate invoices for some services. Your clinic or outpatient bill will include charges for the use of the facility and any tests or procedures done at the time of your appointment. For scheduling reasons, some tests or procedures may be performed at a later date and will be billed separately from your outpatient or clinic invoice.

Physician Bill

Physician fees will be billed by the University of New Mexico Medical Group. The physicians and physician groups may send you separate invoices that include the cost of medical or surgical care as well as costs involving review and reading of your diagnostic tests. For example, you might receive a bill from the radiologist who reads your X-ray.