UNM Eye Center

Pain Center Staff

Jill Keith, RN Supervisor

Jill Norris
RN Supervisor

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Carmela Martinez, RN

Carmela Martinez
Registered Nurse

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Matthew Wood, MA

Matthew Wood
Medical Assistant

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Sherry Reeder, Director

Sherry Reeder

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Kelsey Smith, RN

Kelsey Smith
Registered Nurse

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Patricia Guereca, MA

Patricia Guereca
Medical Assistant

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UNM Pain Center Leadership

Joanna G. Katzman, MD, MSPH
Director, UNM Pain Center

Eugene Koshkin, MD
Medical Director and Fellowship Program Director

Brian Starr, MD
Associate Medical Director, Clinical Operations

Daniel Duhigg, DO,
Associate Medical Director, Mental/Behavioral Health
and Addiction Evaluation Services

George D. Comerci, Jr. MD, FAACP,
Director of Pain Education