Dr. Katzman performing procedure on patient

The headache clinic focuses on patients suffering with headaches and facial pain.  There are numerous reasons why patients complain of headache, ranging from tension-type headache, migraine headaches, and referred pain from muscle spasm of the upper back and neck. There are less common causes of headaches as well, and it is important for the Headache Team to obtain the correct diagnosis.  Once the diagnosis has been established, a patient-specific, multi-modal treatment plan is developed in order to help decrease the severity and frequency of the headache pain.  Treatment options often involve: medications, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other mental health and behavioral health interventions, trigger point injections, botulinum toxin injections, and physical therapy.  These are examples of the wide range of treatments available for our patients.


  • Joanna Katzman, MD
  • George Comerci, MD
  • Ben Daitz, MD
  • Advanced Practice Provider
  • Rehabilitation Team