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This interdisciplinary and integrative program is a collaborative initiative between the UNM Hospital and the UNM School of Medicine.  It is a cross-departmental program, which resides administratively under the UNM Department of Neurosurgery.  The UNM Pain Center has close affiliations with the UNM Spine Program, also in the Department of Neurosurgery and co-located in the Clinical Neurosciences Center.

The UNM Pain Consultation and Treatment Center is housed in newly renovated space within the expansive 31,000 square feet Clinical Neurosciences Center.  The interdisciplinary pain consultation and treatment center space has 2 dedicated fluoroscopy suites, 10 examination and treatment rooms, a large physical rehabilitation center and consultation space for the behavioral health services.  Clinical specialties and services offered include: headache management, spine pain, neuropathic pain disorders and fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, spasticity, interventional pain management, addictions psychiatry, pain psychology, clinical pharmacy, physical therapy, and osteopathic procedures.  Our team of specialists include: Neurology, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Anesthesia/Interventional Pain, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Psychology, Pharmacy and Physical and Occupational Therapy and Chiropractic Services.

The UNM tele-ECHO Chronic Pain and Headache Program has received numerous National distinctions.  Many academic and federal centers are also replicating the ECHO Pain model including the University of Washington.  This program educates primary care providers and other members of the health care team, regarding best practices in caring for their patients in chronic pain and self-management.  In addition, the Veterans Affairs and the Army's Department of Defense have contracts with the UNM Project ECHO Chronic Pain and Headache Program to help their institution replicate ECHO-Pain across the military and veteran populations.

The UNM Pain Center has close affiliations with well respected Pain partners, including the American Academy of Pain Management, the largest interdisciplinary professional pain organization in the United States.  Three of our UNM Pain Center faculty now serve on the Education Committee of the AAPM and are rewriting the accreditation examination curriculum.  The UNM Pain Director serves on the New Mexico Governors' Advisory Council for Pain and Addiction and also serves on a current Institute of Medicine Committee addressing Chronic Multisystem Illness.