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Welcome to the Pain Center

May 1, 2014

Our UNM Pain Center is the only comprehensive and truly interdisciplinary Pain program in New Mexico. Within the UNM Pain Center, we are proud to offer many services, both for patients, clinicians, and our UNM Health sciences center undergraduate education students.

For patients, the University of New Mexico Pain Consultation and Treatment Center is located in the University of New Mexico Hospital’s Clinical Neuroscience Center. We provide consultative services to all patients with chronic pain and request that patients be referred to the clinic by their primary care provider. This method of referral allows our clinic the most optimal collaboration between primary and specialty care, and ensures continuity of care after the patient’s pain has stabilized.

For clinicians throughout New Mexico and throughout the United States (and Canada), Project ECHO Pain, leverages tele-technology through video conferencing (VTC) and offers no-cost CME by providing weekly didactics and discussing, de-identified HIPA, compliant cases as well using best-practices, and reducing variation in care.

For University of New Mexico Health Science Center Students in the School of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, Dental Medicine, Physical Therapy Graduate Program,  Occupational Therapy Graduate Program, and the Psychology Department, the UNM Pain Center is focuses on experiential,  interprofessional educational learning. This year, our UNM Pain Center was part of a UNM School of Medicine Fourth Year Rotation with ECHO Pain.  We have ongoing rotations for Family Medicine, Anesthesia and Pharmacy Students. Dr. Comerci is co-leading the pain curriculum redesign in the medical school curriculum as well.

Finally, our ACGME Pain Fellowship Program was just renewed for two Fellows beginning July 2014!


Joanna Katzman, MD, MSPH