About the Pharmacy

The Department of Pharmaceutical Services at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is responsible for pharmaceutical services in all clinical facilities of UNMHSC.

The Pharmacy consists of:

Pharmacy Administration: Pharmacy Administration is responsible for the daily operations, strategic planning, intra- and inter-departmental relations, clinical and financial management of DOPS.

Outpatient Pharmacy: The Outpatient Pharmacy fills up to 3,200 prescriptions daily in the area, making it the busiest pharmacy in New Mexico, except for the mail order facilities.  The Outpatient Pharmacy is equipped with robotics technology for filling prescriptions and an interactive voice response telephone that answers calls 24 hours a day.  When these two devices are combined with our information system, prescribers and patients phoned in prescriptions are filled automatically with little pharmacy staff intervention.  Over 98% of our patient population are Bernalillo County Indigent patients.  For the convenience of our patients, we provide mail order service.

Inpatient Pharmacy: The Inpatient Pharmacy provides a complete array of pharmaceutical services expected of an academic health center.  These include but are not limited to specialty and general clinical pharmacy services, chemotherapy, total (and peripheral) parenteral nutrition (TPN) solutions, unit-of-use, large and small volume parenteral solutions, sterile and non-sterile extemporaneous compounding, unit dose drug service, and OR satellite service.

Investigational Drug Service: At any given time, IDS may be coordinating up to 120 active studies.  The future goal is to expand the service to include all studies at UNMHSC that involve drugs.  We continue to work very hard towards providing high quality, cost effective pharmaceutical care.  As the only academic health center in the state, we feel obligated to drive the quality of pharmaceutical care provided to the citizens of New Mexico.

Specialized Ancillary Inpatient Pharmacy Service

  • UNM Psychiatric Center
  • UNM Children's Psychiatric Center
  • UNM Carrie Tingley Hospital

Specialized Ancillary Outpatient Pharmacy Service

  • UNM Cancer Research and Treatment Center Pharmacy - specialized
  • OR Pharmacy - specialized
  • OSIS Pharmacy - specialized
  • Consultant Pharmacist for Ambulatory Pharmaceutical Service