Lifeguard Air Emergency Services
Lifeguard Air Emergency Services

MSC 10 8000
2505 Clark Carr Loop SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Physical Location:
Lifeguard Air Emergency Services

Phone: (505)272-2798
Fax: (505)272-2466

Crew and Staff

Lifeguard Team--Providers You Can Trust

  • Communication Specialists handle all flight arrangements 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Flight crews consist of experienced pilots and highly-trained flight nurses and paramedics, capable of providing critical care during all phases of transport
  • The medical team is oriented, trained, educated, and maintains a close working relationship with the University of New Mexico Hospitals critical care specialists to insure quality critical care begins immediately upon the arrival of the Lifeguard team at the patient’s side.
  • The Lifeguard is backed by the University of New Mexico Hospital's full support services
  • Aircraft are owned, maintained, and operated by Seven Bar Flying Service


Our nationally certified Communication Specialists are on hand around the clock, receiving calls and coordinating Lifeguard flight activities. The CS’s are licensed paramedics, who are familiar with all New Mexico hospitals and medical centers. Our 1-855 number allows healthcare professionals to arrange transport of a patient from any sending facility to any receiving facility.

If needing to coordinate a transfer specifically to the University of New Mexico Hospital, calling the PALS Line (1-888-866-7257) will put you in contact with receiving doctors as well as assisting with arranging for patient transport.

Flight Crews

Consisting of experienced pilots and highly-trained flight nurses and paramedics, Lifeguard crews are capable of providing quality critical care in all phases of transport. Utilizing medical radios and satellite phones, crews maintain close communication with a Communications Specialist and a medical control emergency physician before and during a flight. At times, Lifeguard does provide an emergency physician to accompany a crew when a patient's condition warrants such care. Finally, Lifeguard crews are complemented by the full support services of the University of New Mexico Hospitals.