Lifeguard Air Emergency Services
Lifeguard Air Emergency Services

MSC 10 8000
2505 Clark Carr Loop SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Physical Location:
Lifeguard Air Emergency Services

Phone: (505)272-2798
Fax: (505)272-2466


Patients are flown in Lifeguard’s primary aircraft, a Beechcraft B200. The secondary aircraft is a Beechcraft King Air E90. All planes are equipped with state-of-the-art interiors designed for patient comfort and the highest level of continuous care. Aircraft life-support systems include both ventilators and isolettes. A full-time, certified staff of mechanics, service the aircraft in a proactive maintenance program. All aircraft are owned and operated by SevenBar Aviation.

King Air B200

  • Range of approximately 1500 nm and maximum speed of 280 kts/322 mph
  • Accommodates three (3)  medical crew members, potentially two (2) patients, and one (1) family      member

King Air E90

  • Range of approximately 1500 nm and maximum speed of 244 kts/280 mph
  • Accommodates three (3) medical crew members, one (1) patient, and one (1) family member

Our New Plane

New Lifeguard Plane