UNMHSC Language Access Coordinators

As part of improving our Interpreter Language Services at UNMHSC, a group of Language Access Coordinators representing each medical facility has been appointed. The individuals are:

Children's Psychiatric Center - Elisa Adames
UNM Psychiatric Center - Arturo Loya
Maternity & Infant Care - Margaret Onuska
Carrie Tingley Hospital - Barbara Adams

Women's Health Care - Linda Hastings
Primary & Family Health Clinics - Vu Huyen-Trang
Inpatient Care - Rolando Flores
Financial Services - Nohemi VanStry




The responsibilities of these individuals are to:

Provide input to the Interpreter Language Services Department as to how language access is being implemented within each facility and to help ILS keep it's finger on the pulse on language access issues in their facility and be willing to share them.

Be a point of contact for delivery and distribution of language access materials, training information, make sure signs, pamphlets, cards, handouts, etc. are put where they need to be at each facility. Continually check their facilities for the following and make sure the staff are knowledgeable and can speak to the following items.

Signs posted, in both Spanish and Vietnamese, informing patients that if they need an interpreter - they can ask for one and they will be provided one. The signs also inform the patients that they may be eligible for financial assistance and the contact phone number.

Cards in both Spanish and Vietnamese, at entry points to each facility, informing patients that if they need an interpreter-one will be provided. (These are green and yellow and can be obtained from the Interpreter Language Services Dept.)

Verify all staff know to ask patients if they need an interpreter and how to access one

  • Through the Interpreter Language Services Dept at 272-5399.
  • Telephonic Interpreting Services through Pacific Interpreters 1-800-272-7442.
  • Contacting an Employee Interpreters listed on the "Interpreter" website on the University of New Mexico Hospital Intranet under Departments.

Indicate in the patients' electronic medical records whether a patient needs an interpreter in IDX and Cerner.

Navajo video - Verify all staff at key patient contact points know where and how to access the video and audio recording in Navajo informing Navajo patients who don't speak English that - if they need an interpreter - they can ask for one and one will be provided, and that they may be eligible for financial assistance.

Patient Safety Net - verify staff and providers know they can file a report for any individual or systemic problem that exists in the provision of interpretation services to patients through filing a report on the Patient Safety Net system.