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Subacute (4 West)

4 West is one of the newest subacute (SAC) units within the main hospital. Answering the need for more adult cardiac monitored beds for the community, 4 West opened on January 21, 2008 with upgraded equipment including the latest pressure-sensitive beds, med rooms, and cardiac monitors. Featuring 10 private rooms and 13 semi-private rooms, care is provided to patients who require less intensive care than provided in the intensive care unit and more intensive care than provided on a medical or surgical floor. Each patient on 4 West can be cardiac monitored via three methods: inside the patient's room, at the nurses' station, and at a remote heart station. 4 West provides comprehensive inpatient care designed for patients who have an acute illness, injury, or an exacerbation of a disease process. Treatment is goal-oriented and designed to provide patients with optimal care for diagnoses that include: renal and liver failure, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, congestive heart failure, substance withdrawal, and sepsis. All care is coordinated with the use of interdisciplinary teams including physicians, nurses, and other relevant professional disciplines with a focus on patient and family-centered care. Utilizing an organizationwide care model, nurses work hand-in-hand with other nurses and unlicensed personnel to provide optimal care, while planning on the patient's transition back into the community.


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