Health Education

Pre-Diabetes Class - English and Spanish Interpretation

This two-hour class explains blood glucose testing, the role of insulin, and consequences of untreated diabetes, risk factors, and lifestyle changes that can delay or prevent the onset of diabetes.

Heart Health Class

This two-hour class addresses arcia risk reduction via lipid and hypertension management through dietary and changes. A Patient’s most recent lipid panel reviewed, and target ranges discussed.  Physical activity and dietary recommendations provided.

Celiac Class

This two hour class covers the principles and practical applications of the management of celiac disease by nutrition and dietary intervention of a gluten free diet. Food selection, shopping, label reading, preparation, and dining out are emphasized.

Gastroparesis Class

This two hour class discusses the principles and practical application of the management of gatropathy via nutrition and dietary intervention. Issues of food selections, portions, timeing of solids and liquids, food preparation and dining out are discussed.


Providers may refer patients to these classes under ad hoc charting (see 'referral information'), or patients can call to request information on classes if they have a Primary Care Provider with the UNMH system.