Childbirth Education

The goal of this class is to help patients and family members have a positive labor and delivery experience.
Topics include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Labor positions
  • Relaxation and massage
  • Choices for pain management
  • Breastfeeding topics: positioning, latch-on, nipple confusion and how to know if baby is getting enough.
  • Baby Basics topics: bathing, diapering, burping, positioning and feeding
  • And much more.

A tour of the UNM Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit is included. Classes are available as a six-week series or one-day weekend workshop. They are highly recommended for first time parents. The classes are offered in English.

Childbirth Class Schedule for 2016

Sibling Classes (Ages 5-12 only), Infant and Breast-feeding Care

Childbirth Brochure

Breaking Through Expectations