About Insulin

person giving herself a shot in the stomach

How to take insulin:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Choose a spot on your stomach that is more than 2 inches away from your belly button.
  3. Pinch your skin up
  4. Insert the needle
  5. Let go of the fold of skin
  6. Inject the insulin
  7. Count to 10 before pulling the needle out of your skin
  8. Rotate to a different part of the stomach the next time your give a shot

Oxy Clean bottle being used to store needles

Things to know about insulin:

  • Keep extra bottles of insulin in the refrigerator. You may store the bottle that you are currently using at room temperature for 1 month. Do not let insulin freeze or get too warm. Do not keep it in your car!
  • Lancets and syringes can be re-used only by you. Recap the needle to keep it clean. When the needle is no longer sharp, throw away the syringe or lancet in a sturdy container with a lid, such as a detergent or bleach bottle. When the bottle is ¾ full, screw the lid on tight and put in your trash.