H1N1 Influenza A

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Infection Control:
  -  CDC issues new Infection Control GuidanceEnglish
  -  Procedure for all Influenza like Illness: English
  -  Standard Precautions: English

Information Flyers on Influenza home care and infection control for patients:
  -  Did You Wash Your Hands? English
  -  Is It a Cold or the Flu? English    Spanish
  -  Brochures: English    Español    Vietnamese
  -  Taking Care of Others during an Influenza (Flu) Outbreak: English    Spanish    Vietnamese
  -  Home Preparedness English

Treatment Guidelines:
  -  Pediatric Guidelines for Treatment of H1N1 influenza
  -  Adult Influenza Treatment Guidelines
  -  Recommendations for Obstetric Providers and Pregnant Women: English
  -  What Pregnant Women Should Know: English    Spanish    Vietnamese
  -  NM Department of Health Report Form
  -  Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) Dispensing Instructions
  -  Emergency Use Authorization of Tamiflu: Fact Sheet for Patients and Parents: English    Spanish

Testing Guidelines

Immunization information and procedures: Influenza website (only viewable on the UNMHSC campus)

"Flu Symptom Clinic" Location and Procedures:

  -  Respiratory Hygiene in the Waiting Room:    English    Spanish
  -  No Visitors under the Age 14 Banner: English
  -  No Visitors under the Age 14 Poster: English    Spanish
  -  H1N1 Poster: English    Spanish    Vietnamese