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for Digestive Diseases

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UNMH: (505)272-6839
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Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic

Established UNM faculty who are renowned experts in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease lead this advanced subspecialty clinic that cares for patients with ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease.  This clinic is under the direction of the Chief of Gastroenterology at UNM, Dr. Thomas Ma, an internationally recognized expert and active researcher in the field of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  Dr. Ma serves in many of the national committees and pharmaceutical advisory boards that direct the future of research funding and drug development in this area.  Former chairman of Internal Medicine at UNM, Dr. Robert Strickland, who has published extensively in this area, and Dr. Michael Gavin also specializes in the management of inflammatory bowel disease care for patients in this clinic.  Our IBD experts work closely with UNM colorectal surgeons, specialized radiologists and pathologists to create a multidisciplinary approach with a directed focus on the least invasive, most advanced approaches in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with these complex diseases.   

Nursing Station

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinic is located at the Center for Digestive Disease.

Dedicated Experts in this area:

Dr. Thomas Ma (Director)
Dr. Robert Strickland
Dr. Michael Gavin

To make an appointment, please call 272-2530 or 925-6000.