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In the News:

Congratulations to Dr Joseph Alcorn, Dr Michael Gavin, and Dr Trent Taylor, for being chosen as the Recipients of the Stellar Consultant Award for the year 2011!

Hepatitis C Virus Clinic

Patient Room

In the UNM Hepatitis C virus clinic patients are offered the most advanced treatments against hepatitis C virus. Under the direction of Dr Arora, an internationally renowned expert on hepatitis C virus and active investigator in hepatitis C research, this clinic utilizes a multidisciplinary approach. Here UNM faculty from the departments of infectious disease, gastroenterology and pharmacy develop comprehensive treatment plans to deliver very high cure rates. The most up-to-date approaches are employed by our highly specialized team and dedicated nurses assist patients throughout the entire diagnostic and treatment phases.

The Hepatitis C virus clinic is located at UNM Hospital 5th floor.

Dedicated Experts in this area:

Dr. Martin Kistin
Dr. Sanjeev Arora

To make an appointment, please call: 505-272-1453