Family Health Centers

What to Expect at your Appointment

  1. Before your appointment, we will call you to:
      • Remind you about your appointment
      • Get any information the doctor would like
      • Check your insurance information
  2. At check-in, we will ask for:
      • Contact information and Medical Record Number
      • A health history form to be filled out
      • Co-payment (if needed)
  3. Before seeing the doctor, we will ask:
      • What is wrong
      • What medicine you are taking
      • To take your temperature, height, weight, and blood pressure
  4. When you are with the doctor:
      • Tell the doctor what is wrong
      • Tests or procedures may be done or ordered
      • The doctor may give you a prescription
  5. Before going home, you might:
      • Schedule follow-up visits
      • Review your doctor’s instructions and ask questions
      • Meet with a nurse to learn more about your condition
      • Meet with a nurse to get help setting your own health goal and making a plan to start on it (if needed)
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