Family Health Centers

What to Bring to your Appointment

  • Identification
  • Medical record number
  • Insurance information
  • Co-pay
  • The Adult Health History form
  • Medicine bottles or a list of medicines you take
  • A list of all the medicines you take that you buy without a prescription, Please include vitamins and herbs. For example, Tylenol, aspirin, vitamin C, or herbs like manzanilla or lavender flowers.
  • Allergy list
  • Record of your vaccines
  • Records you have kept of your: blood pressure, blood sugar, daily weight
  • A list of questions or concerns to ask your doctor
  • Paperwork for FMLA, disability, or others, if needed
  • If you have been seen outside our system:
    • other doctors’ names and addresses
    • their reports
    • X-Rays and other test results
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