UNM Eye Center
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MSC 10 8000
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
2211 Lomas Blvd NE

Phone: (505) 272-2111

UNM Eye Center

Expanded 1600 University Clinic – Retinal Center Coming Soon! 

We are expanding our current Eye Clinic at 1600 University Blvd (on the corner of Indian School Road and University) to include a Retinal Center.

Along with the current full service  Optometry care, this clinic will now provide full Ophthalmology service, including care of chronic eye disease, preventative eye care for chronic medical diseases, and surgical care of cataracts and other common eye problems. With added exam rooms, procedure room, and surgeons, as well as convenient parking, we hope this is the clinic of choice for primary eye care.

State-of-the-Art Eye Center – Coming Soon!

We are still in the planning and approval stages of building a new eye center - the UNMH Eye Center - that will further expand our services in patient care, education and vision research. The UNMH Eye Center will be located in the area west and opposite the UNMH Cancer Center. 

The Eye Center will have the following missions:

  • provide state-of-the-art-care to the New Mexico population;
  • expand our efforts in education of medical students and residents; and
  • expand our research efforts at the national level with emphasis on diseases prevalent to New Mexico.

We will focus on building a new Clinical Trial Center that will concentrate on clinical trials in diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of vision loss in the state. Also, we will expand our Telemedicine Screening Program for diabetic retinopathy, which will allow screening to take place at locations easily accessible to both our local and rural patients. The UNMH Eye Center will be located in the area west and opposite of the UNMH Cancer Center.