UNM Children's Psychiatric Center

UNM Children's Psychiatric Center provides intensive psychiatric treatment to children and adolescents through the age of 17. Acute inpatient care, residential care and partial (day) hospital care are provided in various settings on the Center's campus and include family education to increase parents' and siblings' understanding and ability to manage their children.

An integral part of treatment is the development of a strong working relationship with the patient's home community, which can be accomplished in residential settings or in a day-hospital facility. Such treatment encourages the integrity of the family as an important social system vital to diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. In addition to the family, we work with community agencies and schools to facilitate a child's successful return to family and community, while enhancing continuity of patient care.

Clinical services under the direction of the UNM School of Medicine faculty include comprehensive evaluation and assessment, treatment planning, individual, group and family therapy, psychopharmacology, speech, art, recreational and occupational therapy. Children, their families, and CPC work together to design a treatment program specific to the child's strengths and needs.

Because every child and family is unique, special care is taken to individualize and refine treatments based on physician assessment and medication evaluation and treatment. Levels of care range from acute care designed to stabilize a child at risk to him/herself or others to residential treatment care to behavior management services.

UNM Children's Psychiatric Center is the only such facility in New Mexico that provides quality psychiatric treatment to seriously emotionally disturbed children without regard to a family's ability to pay. Moreover, we are inextricably linked to the many and varied resources of the UNM Hospitals System. Please further explore our website and come to us questions. We're here to help.


UNM Children's Psychiatric Ctr.

1001 Yale Blvd. NE,
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
Phone: (505)272-2890
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