Pediatric Genetics


Randall Heidenreich, MD, Division Chief
Carol Clericuzio, MD
Tom Cushing, MD
Louise Kodituwakku, PhD
Joanne Milisa Drautz, MS CGC, Genetic Counselor
Kathleen Baldwin, MS, CGC, Newborn Screening Contact
Yvette Mascarenas, RD Metabolic Dietitian
Anne O’Neill, RD Metabolic Dietitian


Clinics Services
Pediatric Genetics:

Pediatric Genetics provides medical diagnosis and genetic counseling for individuals, and their families, with mental retardation/birth defects/metabolic and genetic disorders. We work with the family's physician to provide information regarding prognosis, recurrence risk and medical treatment; referring patients and their families to medical, educational, financial and mental health resources in their communities; provide information about birth defects, mental retardation and genetic disorders; educating practicing physicians and other health care providers in outlying New Mexico communities in identifying birth defects and genetic disorders; and providing psychosocial support.

Dysmorphology: Dysmorphology serves patients with birth defects, intellectual disability and a family history of genetic disorder.
    Dysmorphology Clinic
    University Hospital
    3rd Floor Specialty Clinicl
    Appointments: (505)272-6631
Metabolic: Metabolic Clinic offers diagnostic evaluations and genetic counseling for infants and children with possible inborn errors of metabolism.
    Metabolic Clinic
    Carrie Tingley Outpatient Building
    1127 University Blvd. N.E.
    Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
    Appointments: (505)272-4244


Outreach Clinics:

We also hold Metabolic and Dysmorphology outreach clinics in cooperation with Children’s Medical Services and Indian Health Service at the following sites:

Santa Fe
Las Vegas
Las Cruces
Silver City



Families or Providers may make an appointment by calling either of the two clinic scheduling lines:

  • Dysmorphology: (505)272-6631
  • Metabolic: (505)272-4244