Kristi Watterberg, MD (Division Chief)
Robin Ohls, MD
Erika Fernandez, MD
Ronald Poland, MD
Janell Fuller, MD
Renate Savich, MD
Vlad Ianus, MD
Andrea Freeman Duncan, MD
Rebecca Moran, MD
Carlos Ramos, MD

The Division of Neonatology encompasses an array of programs including the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, an Intermediate Care Nursery, Neonatal Transport Services, Developmental Care and Neonatal Outreach Education.   Approximately half of the infants admitted to the NICU are transported in or delivered here after transfer of their mothers from hospitals throughout New Mexico.  The Division not only cares for the sick newborn and his or her family in the NICU, but spans the spectrum of perinatal care throughout the region, starting with prenatal consultation for fetuses with identified anomalies (now organized into the "Special Delivery Service" by Dr. Rebecca Moran), continuing through the inpatient admission and beyond, with Special Baby Clinic for follow up of high risk infants and a Palliative Care Team to support families at the end of life.  In addition, we offer outreach education programs for health care providers at hospitals around the state to help improve care of newborns.  Please call or e-mail us for more information on these programs.

The NICU and the Intermediate Care Nursery (ICN): Caregivers in the NICU include academic neonatologists, neonatology fellows, neonatal nurse practitioners, physician assistants and residents in pediatrics as well as house officers in family practice and anesthesia.  Educational programs and individual teaching from caregivers help families understand their infant's problems and needs, facilitating a smooth transition to home.  Last year, NICU services admitted 733 infants and provided 13,449 days of patient care, with an average ength of stay of 18.4 days.  Approximately 75% of these infants were born at UNMH, while the other 25% were transported in to UNMH after delivery from around the state and from the Navajo reservation in Arizona.

The Newborn Transport Program: Our Transport Team is the only transport program in the state of New Mexico that is certified by Commission on Accreditation of Medical TransSystems (CAMTS) for transport of newborn infants.  This program is staffed around the clock by Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) specialized in newborn intensive care, together with Neonatal Transport Technicians (NTTs).  Our team transports sick infants to our NICU, to the PICU at UNMH, and to other level III centers in New Mexico or surrounding states if necessary.  If you have a sick newborn, we will find a bed for that infant.

Special Baby Clinic: A component of the Developmental Care Program, Special Baby Clinic provides interdisciplinary developmental evaluations and assessments, follow-along and follow-up for infants ages 0 -3, born at risk for developmental sequelae.  Staffed by Developmental Care Program clinicians (O.T.s, P.T.s, S.L.P.s), diagnosticians, family liaisons and neonatologists, Special Baby Clinic is held the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  Infants may be referred independently by physicians or other care providers statewide.  At initial referral, infants typically are about 1 to 8 months of age.  In addition to evaluation and recommendations, families are provided with information and anticipatory guidance, and are taught specific interventions related to their child's development.  Close collaborations are maintained with referring physicians and local early intervention providers statewide. Referrals and appointments may be made by calling the Developmental Care Program at 505-272-3946.

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