Child Life

In the Child Life department, we recognize that illness and hospitalization are stressful events in the lives of children and their families. By using age-appropriate education, preparation and supportive activities, we strive to minimize that stress and help children and their families cope positively with their healthcare experience.

How Does Child Life Help?

  • Child Life provides age-appropriate play and other activities that encourage mastery, coping and expression of feelings
  • Increases familiarity with hospital surroundings and prepares children and families for medical experiences
  • Bridges the gap between home and hospital by providing family activities (such as play, school, birthday, and holiday observations)

Preparing Your Child for Hospitalization and Medical Procedures

Hospitalization, clinic visits and medical procedures can be very stressful for children of all ages. Preparing children ahead of time for the things they may experience in the hospital will reduce much of their anxiety and will help them cope and trust you and the people they meet in the hospital or clinic.

Child Life services are available in several clinic settings and on the inpatient units to prepare children prior to a medical procedure. You will find Child Life services in the following clinics: oncology/hematology; heart, dysmorphology; gastroenterology; surgery; orthopedics; nephrology; well-child; and urgent care.

The Pediatric Infusion Unit in addition, offers support services to patients and their families during their visits through the Family Service Program. The Family Service Program helps to ease everyday stresses and promote well-being through art therapy, massage therapy, music therapy, make-up as therapy and other services. Four inpatient units: Acute Care Unit; Pediatric Specialty Care Unit; Carrie Tingley Unit; and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit also receive Child Life services. Staff use age-appropriate language and teaching materials, including dolls, photo books, and medical equipment to help patients and families understand what will be happening while they are in the hospital or clinic.

Child Life is here for You. Please contact Child Life at (505)272-2671 for information about our services.