UNM Children's Hospital Heart Center (CHHC)

The Children's Hospital Heart Center (CHHC) is the base of operations for Pediatric Cardiology located within the UNM Children's Hospital. The main purpose of CHHC is to provide service to children with heart disease and their families. For patient convenience, there is a single place -- the Children's Hospital Heart Center-- where children are seen, tests done, consultations performed, and teaching accomplished.

Outreach activities are directed from the Heart Center via a single telephone number (505)272-3864, toll free 1(888)543-2237. We are developing our telemedicine capabilities and now read pediatric electrocardiograms, Holter monitors, and echocardiograms for Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces. We hope to offer this service to other more rural hospitals around the state. We are dedicated to teaching at all levels - including undergraduate, medical, nursing, and practitioner students, as well as residents, fellows, and other physicians. CHHC personnel include Board Certified Pediatric Cardiologists, sonographers specially trained in pediatric echocardiography, a nurse practitioner, pediatric cardiology specialty nurses, social workers, and Child Life Specialists.