ASAP Opioid Treatment Program

What can you expect?

  • You will be seen by a medical doctor and provided with information about heroin detoxification (slowly getting off heroin with the use of legally prescribed medication that eases the withdrawal systems).

  • You will be provided with information about replacing heroin with daily methadone maintenance or another replacement therapy called buprenorphine.

  • You will receive counseling and case management.

  • You will also receive careful follow-up to make sure the treatment is working.

  • There are many stories about methadone that are not correct:
    Methadone: Truth or Fiction



Contact Information:

2600 Yale SE
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Map and Driving Directions

Phone Numbers:
(505)994-7999 (tel)
(505)994-7975 (fax)

Dosing Hours:
Monday - Friday: 6am - 2pm
Saturday: 7am - 10am
Sunday: 8am - 9am