What do you feel is the best thing about the program/area that you work in and why?

Working with the people in Behavioral Health is the most exciting part of our program.  We have some very good teams of people in our areas and they make for a very dynamic environment to work in.  We also offer the best clinical programs in the state and the broadest continuum of behavioral care and it is exciting to know that we really do impact our patient's lives with the work we do.

What statement would best describe your leadership philosophy?

I think it is to lead by example and to provide people with the information and support they need to be successful.

Please describe one thing in our vision, mission or core values that is most compelling to you as a leader at the Health Sciences Center.

I think it is the dynamic environment created by the confluence of Education, Research and Treatment that occurs at the HSC that makes our programs truly unique.  It also offers hope and opportunity to thousands of patients that would not be able to receive services outside our system of care.

What about UNM Hospitals made you choose to work here?

The opportunity to work with a great group of people in a very exciting atmosphere.

What talents do you bring to your position?

I would hope that people would say that I listen to the issues and am a good communicator.  I also try hard to build bridges both internally within departments at our organization and externally with the community, funding sources and other outside agencies.

What do you like most/best about living and working in Albuquerque?  And New Mexico.

The weather, I moved here from Texas where it was too hot.


Rodney McNease

Executive Director, Finance