What do you feel is the best thing about the program/area that you work in and why?

We provide second to none pharmaceutical care to the citizens of New Mexico, ability to pay notwithstanding.

What statement would best describe your leadership philosophy?

As the only academic health center in New Mexico, I believe it is our responsibility to be the standard-bearer of pharmaceutical care for the state and our standard should be second to none in the nation.

Please describe one thing in our vision, mission or core values that is most compelling to you as a leader at the Health Sciences Center.

I very much like our tripartite mission - patient care, education and research.

What about UNM Hospitals made you choose to work here?

1. Our tripartite mission - patient care, education and research
2. Tertiary care referral center
3. Safety-net provider

What talents do you bring to your position?

1. Pharmaceutical care development and strategic planning
2. Pharmacy technology systems expert
3. Strong fiscal management skills
4. Education - developing tomorrow's pharmacy leaders via residency and other mentoring programs.

What do you like most/best about living and working in Albuquerque?  And New Mexico.

1. Weather
2. People
3. Culture


Louis Achusim

Executive Director, Pharmaceutical Services